Quality CNC WaterJet Machines at Affordable Prices!


Water Jet Cutter AdvantagesBenefits Include:

  • Cuts a wide range of materials and thicknesses.
  • Does not create a heat-affected zone (HAZ), distortion or mechanical stresses.
  • Considered “green” technology because the cutting process does not create hazardous gases or waste...


WaterJet Cutter Price

Water Jet Cutter Price
The average high quality water jet cutting machine in North America starts at over $100,000 and quickly goes up to $300,000 depending on the features ordered. If you go to China, you could buy one for $40,000 or more but that does not include shipping or custom charges and you’ll have to worry about quality, longevity and support.

Ours is significantly cheaper while still offering superb quality.


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Tech Moon Water Jet Cutters

TechMoon started making water jet cutting systems in 2013. We needed one for ourselves because we were outsourcing all our cutting requirements and were tired of it. We wanted to bring this operation in-house.